By John and Ann Mahan

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Lake Michigan exerts an irresistible pull. We stand at the water's edge and look into its vastness, wondering, "What's out there? What's in there?" The largest body of water lying entirely within the United States, Lake Michigan stretches just over 300 miles north to south and 118 miles east to west. It has faraway places, unseen distant shores, and shimmering islands floating on the horizon. It is a lake of contrasts, from the industrial and nearly used-up southwestern shores to the wild and relatively undeveloped northern coastlines. And, for many of us, its wildness is still its most immediate and compelling characteristic. Wild Lake Michigan captures that character. Authors John and Ann Mahan, photographers and writers specializing in the Great Lakes ecosystem, provide a portrait of this ever-changing lake and its surrounding dunes, forests, and wetlands.

(Softcover, 8 1/2 X 11, 128 pages, 104 color photographs, map)

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Please Note: WILD LAKE MICHIGAN is temporarily out of print. Sweetwater Visions is hoping to eventually produce a revised, updated edition. Announcement of its publication will appear on this site -- contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

"…stunning photographs and evocative prose…a wealth of information about the lake, its dunes, wetlands, and islands, and the neighboring North Woods.…Wild Lake Michigan, a book with a message, emphasizes the interdependence of nature and human beings."
--Kathleen M. Gibbons, National Geographic Traveler

"Wild Lake Michigan captures the untamed character of this Great Lake's northern coastline. The Mahans also share the stories of Native Americans, geologists, and environmentalists, placing human history in the natural context of the lake, reminding us of our interconnectedness with this freshwater sea and our responsibility to it."
--Backpacker Magazine

"Many readers may have plans to make the Lake Michigan Circle Drive. But no one will see more of the wild side of this large Great Lake sea and its remarkable natural niches than the reader of Wild Lake Michigan.…Coming from a scientific background…they bring an informed viewpoint to their text. Yet they write and photograph more as enthusiast than scientist with text that is sparklingly clear, a way with words and photos…They not only write about what you might see around the perimeter of Lake Michigan, but why it is like it is, how it came to be, and what continues to be happening to this ecological gift of the glaciers we in Michigan sometimes take for granted.…It is a book to be read and reread often by anyone with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the gift that nature so conveniently places at our elbow. Reading Wild Lake Michigan may be the best circle tour you will ever make of this truly Great Lake."
--Don Ingle, Grand Rapids Press

"The 128-page book is filled with 105 unbelievable color photographs of the lakeshore and marshes and dunes and wild places that look to be from another country.…Although most of the photographs are breathtaking, read this book. There is a wealth of information about the natural jewel in our backyard."
--John Schroeder, Waukesha County Freeman

"Lake Michigan has never been photographed with such artistry as have the Mahans…This book is a must for Holiday gift-giving."
--Jack-Pine Warbler, Michigan Audubon Society



"Long admired for their talents in lakeshore photography, John and Ann Mahan have displayed an eloquence for writing as well. As if their spectacular photo art isn't enough, their prose captures the thoughts and values so needed by today's 'users.' A must for lovers of Lake Michigan."
--Earl Wolf, Naturalist, Gillette Nature Center, P.J. Hoffmaster State Park

"John and Ann Mahan have artfully combined research and experience to give us a book that places human history in the natural context of Lake Michigan…They show us a way to perceive the lake that starts with the realization of the connectedness of all things."
--Jerry Sullivan and Glenda Daniel, Co-authors, A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the North Woods

"An honest book for the layman that treats equally the intrinsic beauty, economic value, and romanticism of Lake Michigan and the often grisly history of human misuse of our sweetwater seas."
--James P. Ludwig, Ph.D., President, Ecological Research Services, Inc.

"Wild Lake Michigan provides a dynamic view of the history and natural wonders of Lake Michigan and its coastal environs. The Mahans' many personal explorations of the Lake Michigan coast lend a special quality and insight to their portrayal of the region."
--Ken Potts, Assistant Director, Lake Michigan Maritime Museum

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