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THE NORTHERN LIGHTS: LIGHTHOUSES OF THE UPPER GREAT LAKES offers a beautiful, comprehensive look at the United States lighthouses on the upper Great Lakes. Charles K. Hyde has combined a history of lights and their keepers with sketches of all of the still standing light stations in the area. Over 200 color photographs by Ann and John Mahan, plus historic photos, complete this treasure. (Hardbound, 8 1/2 X 11, 208 pages)
Autographed by the photographers -- $37.95

"Professor Charles K. Hyde of Wayne State University has made a monumental contribution to the literature of the Great Lakes in his painstaking examination of over 150 lighted aids to navigation on Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Superior. He has been ably abetted by photographers Ann and John Mahan with some magnificent color photography."
--Julius F. Wolff, Jr., Wisconsin Magazine of History

"This is a gorgeous book…Eight extensive chapters tell the story of Great Lakes lighthouses from the start, covering the advance of lenses, light sources and the allied signaling systems and rescue services. More exciting than the authentic technology are the stories of heroism by the lighthouse keepers and the details of their daily lives and work. While the focus is on the lights, they become a device for a quite comprehensive history of the Great Lakes in general. This handsome, jacketed book is an outstanding printing job. It is a keeper or a great gift."
--William D. Ellis, Inland Seas

"This excellent and long overdue volume gives the same attention to lights of the Great Lakes long afforded to coastal lights. It is of high quality throughout. The high point is the color photography of the Mahans, which has apparently lost nothing in the printing process. Color rendition and sharpness are among the best I've seen…In summation, a fine volume…well worth having in the back seat of the car (or on the bridge of your cruiser) when exploring the Great Lakes. Highly recommended."
--David H. Hamley, The Keeper's Log

"The Great Lakes maritime history, as Mr. Hyde writes it, is not just interesting. It is significant.…This volume's most striking accomplishment is its acceptance as a guide book to the 'lighthouses on the Great Lakes that people can still view.' It is like a large format album, with excellent photography by Ann and John Mahan. It is well designed and well indexed, containing a bibliography and an illustrated map of lighthouse locations for the inspired reader. It is, perhaps, difficult not to be inspired."
--Jean Vileta, Lake Superior Magazine

"…as automation has replaced human keepers with electronics and machinery, much of the romance is being lost. Photographers Ann and John Mahan and historian Charles Hyde have preserved some of that spirit.…this is neither a textbook with illustrations nor a picture book with captions, but a marriage of writing and photography. The photographs describe the poetry of the lights; the text describes them in concrete terms. the Mahans traveled thousands of miles by air, water and land to photograph the lights. Taken in all seasons and from every angle, their photographs reflect the fragility and strength, the enormity and significance of Great Lakes lights. The photographs are straightforward and honest, shot without filters or special effects.…The text by Hyde, an assistant professor of history at Wayne State University, is scholarly."
--Joe Grimm, Detroit Free Press

All images Copyright © John & Ann Mahan. All rights reserved.
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