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The Great Lakes ecosystem is a muse for artists John and Ann Mahan, one they return to over and over again in their work. As photographers and writers they specialize in a wholistic view of natural systems. This wholistic viewpoint arises from a synthesis of science and spirituality, ethics and ecology, human and natural history.

Previous professional endeavors include more than a decade each in health professions: Ann as a registered nurse (medical-surgical, obstetric, and psychiatric nursing, and clinical instructor in a B.S. nursing program); John as a physician assistant in family medicine, with experience in pharmaceutical clinical research, and medical laboratories. But in the early 1980s they embarked on a career together that focuses on the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Widely published, their credits include: Audubon, Backpacker, National Geographic, National Wildlife, Natural History, Newsweek, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, Sierra, Smithsonian, and many others. They are the authors and photographers of the books Lake Superior: Story and Spirit and Wild Lake Michigan. Over 200 of their color photographs are featured in the book, The Northern Lights: Lighthouses of the Upper Great Lakes.

As authors and publishers of Lake Superior: Story and Spirit, John and Ann received Lake Superior Magazine's Achievement Award.

The couple produce multi-media shows for public presentation, including “Lake Superior: Story and Spirit,” “Wild Lake Michigan,” “Isle Royale and Beyond,” and “Great Lakes Lighthouse Odyssey.”

Since 2002, the John and Ann have been leaders/instructors for "Isle Royale and Lake Superior" Road Scholar (Elderhostel) courses.

The Mahans' fine prints decorate homes, libraries, hospitals, schools, universities, businesses. Their photographs hang in the U.S. Senate and in permanent collections of the U.S. Embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi and the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

When not out on the water, in the forests, or on the islands, the Mahans live in the Northwoods near Iron River, Wisconsin. They have two daughters, Jennifer and Kristen, who traveled with them for many years as they were growing up and now embark on their own adventures with their families.





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