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CD -- $15.50

Homespun is a delightful celebration of simple living. At times Jenny's songs echo the slow rhythm of the seasons; at others it is as lively and colorful as the barnyard flock. Meaning and melody are stitched lovingly together like the humble patches in great grandma's quilt. And like the first taste of fresh garden greens after a long, heavy winter, this homegrown music will refresh the senses and nourish the soul as it winds its way through the seasons of the simple life.

Jenny's music mirrors her life. She and her son lived in a self-built strawbale cabin nestled in a wet meadow near the shores of Lake Superior. She enjoys working and experimenting with ecological design projects and local organic agriculture. Days on their homestead are also filled with music, making natural hand-crafted soap, raising chickens, and working in the garden.

Homespun is a unique collection of 12 original songs by singer/songwriter Jenny Mahan, celebrating simple living surrounded by the woods and waters of the Great Lakes and Northwoods. In this new CD Jenny carries on her tradition of performing alongside gifted family and friends, as well as blending unusual instruments (Appalachian dulcimer, concertina, even the hauntingly beautiful voice of the musical saw) and natural sound effects throughout her unique tunes and lyrics. Other instruments featured include: guitar, fiddle, penny whistle, flute, jaw harp, skin drum, Native American double flute, and “Plunky” the banjo ukulele.
Song List--Homespun

1. Winding Roads (6:38)
2. Rise Above the Din (2:46)
3. Morning Glory (4:59)
4. Straw Hut (3:49)
5. Hearth Song (3:35)
6. Wet Meadow Waltz (3:07)
7. Gather In (5:26)
8. Lazy Day (3:24)
9. Winter Wedding (4:57)
10. Phone Home (4:04)
11. Wind and Snow (5:21)
12. Bow and Be Simple (3:02)

Homespun: Adventures in Simple Living

Homespun is brown eggs and fall apples. It is savoring slow sunny days and laughing at our misadventures. It is hard days and sometimes nights of work. It is patterns, traditions, handsewn, homegrown, from scratch. It is deep roots, keepsakes, seeds and tools passed down through time. It is summer swimming holes, potlucks, and barn dances.

Homespun is the slow turning of the seasons, the constant blending of night into day. It is the dignity and satisfaction of providing for yourself with your own two hands. It is spinning those things closest to your heart into a thread strong and fine. It is weaving these threads through each hour and each day -- then embroidering this cloth with the sun and wind, the peas on the vine, the warm hearth at dusk, and wrapping it round you when snow begins to fly.

Walk softly in the sun. Walk humbly with the wind. May health and happiness be yours until we meet again.

-- Jenny Mahan

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