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Fine Prints of any image in our photo galleries, and most of our published photographs, may be ordered.

See below for more information about our high quality archival prints.


Publishers please click here for more information about our work, and one-time use terms.

Please note: these images are low resolution, for review only -- our prints, and the high res files that we provide for publication, have much better color, sharpness, and tonality.

All images are copyrighted by John & Ann Mahan.

Many Photo Galleries/Viewing Platforms Available
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NEW! -- Custom Digital Matting with our Fine Prints

We now offer custom digital mats -- digitally created double mats printed directly on the paper along with the original image. These highly detailed, textured mats are amazingly realistic and make possible a far superior color-coordination with the image. Once mounted and framed, they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing -- except they look better (say goodbye to warped, bowed, and separated mats). We now use custom digital mats anytime we exhibit our prints. By printing the mat on the paper with the image: the financial cost of matting a print is drastically reduced; the ecological costs of making and shipping conventional mat board is eliminated; all archival and handling risks of conventional matting are completely eliminated.

Each mat is titled and signed. To view sample mats, click here.

To view additional matted prints, visit our Great Lakes Exhibit.


Wallpaper: We are now offering any image in our Photo Galleries for Wallpaper (for your computer desktop)--only $13.95
(Click here for more information.)

New Fine Prints


Printed on on high-end printers with archival wide-gamut pigmented inks and our own custom profiles, these prints have detail, tonality, color accuracy, and improved gamut beyond anything previously available.

Our fine prints decorate homes, libraries, hospitals, schools, universities, businesses. And our photographs hang in the U.S. Senate and in permanent collections of the U.S. Embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi and the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.


Archival Fine Prints

Although known primarily for our published photography and writing, for nearly 20 years we have also been making Fine Prints that reflect the uniqueness and beauty of the Great Lakes ecosystem. Our prints are in homes, offices, corporations, hospitals, libraries, and other settings.

Currently our prints are the result of conventional film, equipment, and technique combined with the control and accuracy of our "digital darkroom." Each print is created individually -- one at a time. In this sense, each print is an original.

Our goal is to faithfully and accurately represent what we saw and experienced when the original photograph was made. No special effects, trick filters, or other unfaithful alterations have been used, in either the original photograph or the digital process.


These are archival quality prints using fade-resistant wide-gamut pigmented inks and matched archival quality papers. Their life expectancy (before noticeable fading) is 80-100 years or more when mounted under glass, in average indoor lighting. This is better than the best widely available conventional photographic print life by 20-40 or more years. (Prolonged direct sunlight and atmospheric pollution accelerates the aging of all art prints, including oil and watercolor.)

Our current papers have semi-matte and luster surfaces, which give the color depth of a glossy high-end paper without the objectionable glare. (We frequently test new possibilities and are currently evaluating cotton-based water color art papers.)


We believe in walking our talk. Or, in Gandhi's words: "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." To that end, our prints are created in a Zero Discharge process. That means no persistent toxic substances are used, created, or discharged from our studio. In fact, except for a very small amount of paper scraps and ink residue in spent cartridges, there is very little waste of any kind from our digital darkroom. (We shut down our conventional darkroom years ago due to its polluting nature.)

Unique, Open Edition, Signed Prints

These are Open Edition, signed (in the white margin) original prints. The artifice and questionable value of limited editions, with their inflated prices, doesn't interest us. But our prints are limited by virtue of the fact that each one is created slowly and carefully by us.

From scanning on our own drum scanner, correcting and improving digital files, creating our own custom profiles (for scanner, monitor and printer/ink/paper), to making the actual print, every esthetic decision and every procedure is done by us in our own studio. No service bureaus, contract printers, or other "outside" talent is used.

Because of this careful and time-consuming process, our prints are not produced in large numbers. One of our prints represents a piece of us, as well as all of the adventures and learning that went into that image.

No Stress Guarantee

Ultimately art, as beauty, is in the eye of the viewer, and we want you to be satisfied with your print. Also, if you choose your print from our website, accurate depiction on the web is impossible -- we guarantee the print will be far superior to its website rendition. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your print, please return it within 2 weeks of receipt, and your purchase price (minus shipping) will be refunded.

Information about your Print

If you have any questions, call us (715-372-5154), or E-mail us. We are happy to discuss possibilities and needs with you. Also, if you have questions about a print (where and how it was taken, any stories or adventures connected with it), feel free to contact us -- before or after purchase.



Although the finest materials, equipment, and techniques are used to create our prints, we want them to be affordable to anyone looking for top end Fine Prints. We have been able to price them below comparable quality Open Edition prints, but above casual quality, short-lived prints. Our prices for unmatted fine prints are:

Unmatted Fine Prints
Signed, Open Edition, Unmounted
Paper Size
Image Size

$ 39.00
$ 84.00

For prices and information on our new Custom Digitally Matted Fine Prints, click here.

To Preserve Your Print's Archival Quality
(These recommendations apply to all art prints in any medium.)

1) Handle only with clean cotton gloves.
2) Store/display in moderate temperature and humidity.
3) Use archival/acid-free products for mounting, matting, and framing.
4) Display under glass, and avoid direct sunlight.

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Note: Our images are displayed for your viewing pleasure, but it is illegal to take them off our web site--for any use, without our written permission.
All images on this web site are copyrighted.