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DVD -- $24.95

Isle Royale and Beyond

In response to popular demand following public presentations of their multi-media program, "Isle Royale and Beyond," John and Ann Mahan have produced a video of the program on DVD, with more sounds and music, and over 100 additional images.

Isolated by the vastness of Lake Superior, Isle Royale National Park is a wilderness archipelago of more than 450 islands. It is a place apart, a self-contained, intimate ecosystem where moose, wolves, and other lifeforms go about their daily lives with minimal influences from the outside world.

For more than 30 years, the Mahans have been traveling to Isle Royale, often with family: daughters, parents, and eventually grandchildren. From their very first Isle Royale journey, arriving on the island has always brought "a deep sense of homecoming." In an artistic overview of the island, they explore the uniqueness and beauty of the wilderness of Isle Royale National Park. Through photography, authentic Isle Royale sounds, music, and their narration, the Mahans capture the essence of the Isle Royale experience.

John and Ann share their adventures, knowledge and passion about Isle Royale with their viewers: Fly over the island as you learn of its "fire and ice" beginnings. On the island, sense the ancientness of the exposed billion-year-old rock -- and of species such as wolves and loons. Learn how the "balance of nature" is a dynamic process with wild fluctuations, an ongoing story in which nature constantly expands its possibilities. Feel the adrenaline of a close encounter with moose. Follow this intimate island ecosystem through the seasons. Travel by sea kayak in an open water crossing of a "massively marvelous inland sea" and circumnavigate the island. Backpack the high ridges and canoe portage from one inland lake to another. Paddle in the stillness of rising mist, and in rolling waves that elevate your craft with a bottomless strength. Celebrate the gifts of sunrise and sunset, rainstorms and rainbows. Experience magical, timeless moments of night that touch the soul.

Upon leaving Isle Royale, we take with us new insights and understandings: of the human species' role as a part of nature; of the value of a wilderness experience for renewal of emotional health, spiritual growth, and a reawakening of the sense of oneness with all life. We learn from Isle Royale moose about the risks of overpopulation and over-use of the environment. And on an island where scientists first made the connection between local pollution and distant sources, we are reminded how "all things are connected."

Quotes from audiences:

"stunning photography and inspiring narrative"
"passion and brilliant craftsmanship"
"artistic, spiritual, inspiring, and beautifully informative"
"ecology message well-delivered"

Review by Lake Superior Magazine:
“…a personal journey into the heart of remote Isle Royale National Park.”
“will make you yearn to visit Isle Royale…may be the closest thing to being there.”
“…filled with stunning images, from the opening closeups of wolves
to dramatic lightning and gorgeous shots of northern lights.”
“…recorded wilderness sounds, including moose grunts and the loon’s haunting call.”

Widely published, the Mahans' credits include: Audubon, National Geographic, National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, Sierra, Smithsonian, and many other magazines and books. They are photographers for the book The Northern Lights: Lighthouses of the Upper Great Lakes, and authors and photographers for the books Wild Lake Michigan and Lake Superior: Story and Spirit. For more information, contact Sweetwater Visions.


Isle Royale and Beyond

Running time 49 min. More than 400 images.

Photographs, Text, Narration, & Sound Recordings by Ann & John Mahan

"Lazy Day" -- instrumental by Jenny and Ann Mahan
"Dream" -- by Carol Johnson
"Creation is Laughing" -- by Carol Johnson
"Sweet Wildwood" -- by Jenny Mahan


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