Lake Superior: Story and Spirit DVD

by Ann & John Mahan


Great Lakes authors/photographers John and Ann Mahan have produced a companion DVD to their book, Lake Superior: Story and Spirit -- in response to popular demand following public presentations of their multi-media program.


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Lake Superior: Story and Spirit

A condensed version of the Mahans' award-winning book (by the same name), the program explores the world's largest freshwater sea and its watershed: rocky shores and cliffs, wetlands and rivers, forests, islands. With 322 images, authentic Lake Superior sounds, music, and their narration, the Mahans explore the life and spirit of an immense and interconnected ecosystem: natural and human history, storms and shipwrecks, adventure, travel, ecology, spirituality, the interdependent and cooperative creativity of the natural world.

Experience the lake and its watershed through the seasons, in peaceful moods and powerful storms. Relax to serenades of loons and wolves, the beat of Ojibway drums, and the energy of bagpipes. Participate in a mountain rescue, and paddle along miles of wilderness coastline. Find mysterious rock cairns atop high bluffs, and ancient pictographs at Agawa Rock (has been described as "the equivalent of a Stonehenge, a one-of-a-kind, regionally important concentration of past spiritual activities"). Step behind a magnificent wall of ice into the quiet crystalline cathedral of a Grand Island ice cave, and sea kayak into intricately carved sea caves of the Apostle Islands. Enjoy the breathtaking grandeur of the northern lights on crisp, clear nights.

Long considered a powerful and sacred place, Lake Superior has been a focus of scientific exploration and discovery for over 150 years, and more recently has become an international focus for demonstrating pollution prevention--how we care for the ecosystem that supports us. Woven throughout this program are universal themes and understandings that apply to the entire planet, extending its scope and relevance far beyond this freshwater sea.

Photographs, Text, Narration, & Sound Recordings by Ann & John Mahan

"Lake Superior"--by Jenny Mahan
"Ride the Waves"--by Jenny and Ann Mahan
"Prayer Song"--by Jenny Mahan
"Standing By The Water"--by Greg Hodapp

ISBN 0-9659189-4-7
Running Time: 52 minutes


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DVD -- $24.95

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For more details about this program
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For more details about this program
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